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WAM Electrical - Westinghouse Service Agents

Keeping your clothes clean is important for work and life, and for that you’ll need A washing machine. In fact, many of us don’t stop to think what we’d do without one.  If your washing machine is no longer working the way it should, it can be frustrating. Whether it’s sprung a leak, not draining water properly, making strange noises or anything else, WAM can help!

The team at WAM Electrical specialise in both front load and top load Westinghouse washing machine repair throughout Melbourne, this is why many so many people have made WAM the number one call for machine repairs. Over the years our technical expertise has allowed us to fix hundreds of machines for our loyal clients, which is why our experience repairing Westinghouse whitegoods is unparalleled.

Our fixed call-out fees lets you know the up front costs so there are no surprises. All our service team carries many of the required parts on hand, which will save you time and money, and remove the time waiting for a new part. What are you waiting for, call WAM today!

Common Westinghouse Washing Machine Problems

- Washing machine is leaking
- Rubber door seal leaking or damaged / loose
- Very noisy during cycle
- Drum not spinning
- Water not draining
- No water coming into washing machine
- Clothes come out dirty
- No power
- Display panel not working

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