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WAM Electrical - Bosch Service Agents

Bosch offers dryers to suit any of your needs including heat-pump, sensor, and condenser, making everyday life a bit easier and improving your quality of life. Even reliable and user- friendly dryers need help sometimes, so if you need Bosch Dryer Repairs then contact the friendly team at WAM Electrical, use our live chat to request a call back or call our customer service team in the office on 03 9775 0001 and let us get your Bosch dryer working perfectly.

WAM Electrical is an authorised Bosch parts seller, so our experienced technicians carry original Bosch parts to ensure we fix your Bosch dryer properly and get it back to work.

Common Bosch Dryer Problems

- Dryer not heating

- Clothes coming out wet

- Making loud noises or scraping sounds

- Dryer turns itself off before end of cycle

- Not spinning

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